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About Us

The Avatar Energy Mastery Institute was founded by Michael Monk and his soul partner Francesca Johnston. The goal of the Energy Mastery School is to help humanity understand empowerment via soul energy, how to form a unified collective consciousness, to understand the ascension process, and to guide them past all limiting belief systems.

All of the School's teachings and techniques were learned and developed by Michael Monk while studying, praying and meditating from 2008 - 2011, during which he spent all of his spare time isolating himself from modern society in a personal quest to understand powerful communications and miracles that he has been receiving via prayer to God, the angels, and the ascended master Jesus Christ since 1999. For more information on these communications and miracles, read his writing - My Experiences Talking to God - Bridging Religion with Metaphysics

Attempting to understand the mechanisms behind the miracles that he received is what led him to the art of energy mastery. God, Jesus and the angels have consistently led Michael away from 'praying' for every healing or intervention that he desires. He has been taught that as a race it is time for us to 'grow up' and to learn to do these things ourselves, to become as Jesus has become - one with the singular intelligence that spawned our race (God) and one with each other and our planet.

Michael has been taught that when we as a race are united as one that we will be able to mentally shape our world and our bodies, that the next stage of evolution is a conscious step that we take, embracing our destiny to move past creaturehood and into creatorhood. We will consciously and purposefully take the next step into a higher/greater density of soul energy and finally become universal beings. The end goal of The Avatar Energy Mastery Institute is to teach humanity through a unique school setting how to form a global collective consciousness.