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Mat's Blog

Mat's Blog - A Journey of Spiritual Evolution

I have had many insights into the discovery of the truths of what we really are, what we're doing here, what's this thing called life, and the true underlying issues at hand for one's self in concerns to what I believe are some of the root patterns holding us back from our inner joy and bliss.

Many focus on what they believe needs to be done at a physical level in order to improve "things" or to improve the world, and I've recognized that the most important thing is to learn to be fully yourself and allow the expression of what you are to exist without fear, and in full confidence without any need for justification or validation from the outside of yourself world. When you stand fully in your space, when you've learned compassion, love and acceptance towards yourself, then the actions you perform will naturally flow from a higher and more beneficial perspective for all.

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Scott Mathias Raw

Scott Mathias Raw

Scott Mathias is one of the leading raw foods and digestive health experts. He has devoted his life to finding the very best recipes to cultivate and preserve optimum personal and immune system health and longevity.

Did you know that many illness are caused by food allergies or poor nutrition?
Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms: Indigestion - Gut Ache - Heartburn - Acid Reflux - Bloating - Allergies - Eczema - Psoriasis - Dermatitis - Crohns - Celiac - Diverticulitis - IBS?

The Book

Scott has just published an amazing book: Understanding the Divine Gut ...how to eat your way to ultimate digestive health.
It is available for free download on his website.

The Amazing Recipes

Michael and I absolutely LOVE his asparagus and zucchini recipe! We eat it almost every day. It is satisfying and provides energy without that weighted-down feeling we get from other foods.
Scott offers Raw Food Master Classes, and a wonderful blog full of invaluable health information.

Scott's Site